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Made with Fresh Milk Cream

TRANSPORTATION: If you plan to drive for more than 30 minutes after pickup, it is advisable to bring an icebox or ice bag. Ensure your cake is placed on a flat surface in the car's footwell or held by a passenger. Drive cautiously, avoiding sudden stops and turns.

TEMPERATURE: Keep your cake in an air-conditioned vehicle away from direct sunlight to prevent melting or loss of shape.

REFRIGERATION: Store the cake in a refrigerator within an hour of pickup and keep it refrigerated until serving.


CONSUMPTION: We recommend consuming our cakes within one day for the best taste, texture, and quality. It's ideal to serve the cake cold.


QUALITY: Cake flavor and texture vary based on individual preference, and storage conditions also affect it. Rest assured; we ensure that every cake we provide meets our quality standards.


CHECK YOUR ORDER: The recipient is responsible for verifying the cake's order specifications (decorations, writing, candles) upon pickup. We cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs after the pickup is completed.

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